N-8392 Sørvågen, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

The company has now closed down after 18 years in the service of tourism in Lofoten. Business has now been taken over by a new, younger company. Click here for further details.

Firmaet er nå nedlagt etter 18 års drift. Virksomheten er overtatt av nye, yngre krefter. Klikk her for mer informasjon.

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(Established 1987)

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Lofoten Tourist Enterprises AS (LTE) was established in August 1987 in Sørvågen, Lofoten, with 14 locally based shareholders.

Since the beginning, sustainable tourism and local community development has been the company's main field of operations. Over the years, LTE has initiated and implemented a wide range of local and regional development initiatives centered around the western part of the Lofoten Islands.

Our services include:

  • Product Development - Ecotourism

  • Tour Production and Tour Operation in the Lofoten Islands

  • Travel Management Courses and Training

  • Nature and Culture Based Travel Products and Packages

  • Consultancy Services

  • Web Hotel

  • Photo Archives - Sale of a wide variety of photo motifs from the Lofoten Islands

  • Talks, lectures and slides shows on a wide range of topics including nature, culture, history, local community development, school - local community - tourism, and ecotourism in the Lofoten Islands

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For references and full details of our services,
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Tel. +47 76 09 15 55 - Fax +47 76 09 15 66
Email lte@lofoten-info.no
Postal Address: N-8392 Sørvågen, Norway

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