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Credits Page


The Flakstad & Moskenes Web site was made possible by:

  • DataDesign. Graphic design and advertising services. DataDesign has been responsible for conceiving, implementing and managing the project; has scanned and/or processed all photographs and images, created all graphics, designed and HTML-coded each page, translated the texts into English and also written a large number of them, and gathered a great deal of the information involved. DataDesign has also contributed with some digital photographs.
  • Lofoten Tourist Enterprises (LTE) AS Travel management consultants and experts on all aspects of the Lofoten Islands, is the owner of the Web site and has provided the Web-domain and invaluable consultancy services in the making of the site. Ottar Schiøtz, LTE, has also provided some of the photographs used on the site.
  • Stig Einarsen, Reine, of the Flakstad & Moskenes Tourist Information Centre has taken most of the photographs used on this site and has provided feedback and supplementary information.
  • Anja Britt Walker (9). Scanning of illustrations for the Shop.
  • The passages in the "History" section have been borrowed from the fully illustrated book "A Guide to the History of Lofoten" which has been published in English, Norwegian and German by the Lofoten Public Museums and the Lofoten Regional Council. The excerpts in question were written by editor and co-author Gro Røde, and project leader and co-author Ottar Schiøtz. The book is available for purchase from our Shop.
  • The Moskenes Municipal Council contributed to the initial funding of the project together with Lofoten Tourist Enterprises AS, and both the Moskenes and Flakstad Municpal Councils have later made financial contributions to the updating of the site.
  • A number of local businesses have helped make the project possible by subscribing to the site.

For further information about Flakstad & Moskenes, please contact:

Fishing Village Holidays, Lofoten
The Official Tourist Information Centre in Flakstad and Moskenes,
N-8392 Sørvågen, Lofoten, Norway
Tel.: (+47) 76 09 15 99
Fax: (+47) 76 09 24 25
Email: tour-off@lofoten-info.no

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