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 Lofoten Toy Museum, Sakrisøy  Telecom Museum, Sørvågen
 Stockfish Museum, Å  Fisheries Museum, Sund
 Fishing Village Museum, Å  A Brief History of Lofoten
Lofoten Peat Museum  


Sakrisøy, 8390 Reine.
Tel. +47 Tel. 76 09 21 43 / 900 35 419

Main Theme:
"A journey back to childhood"
North Norwegian and European childrens' culture. "The place that gets to your heart". Small and pleasant museum with exhibition of over 1500 dolls, teddy bears etc. from 1860-1965.

May 25 - June 20.juni: 10.00-18.00
June 21 - August 15: 10.00-20.00
August 16- 31: 10.00-18.00
Off-season by appointment.

Admission: Adult NOK 60 Child NOK 30

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Tel. (+47) 91 15 05 60. Fax 76 09 11 14

Main Theme:
Stockfish production and trade.

By way of good, systematic exhibitions, guiding and video, thorough information is provided about the landing of fresh fish and the production, sorting, packing and sale of Norway's oldest export commodity, stockfish.

June – August

Admission: Adult NOK 50, Student/Child NOK 40. Child under 12 free

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  • Norwegian Fishing Village Museum,
    Å i Lofoten

Tlf. 76 09 14 88. Fax 76 09 15 66

Main Theme: Life in the fishing village and the Lofoten Fishery over the past 250 years. Comprehensive and fascinating coastal museum with 150 year old architecture. Educational exhibitions, guided tours, activities and DVD in four different buildings. Europe’s oldest active cod-liver oil factory, sale of our own cod-liver oil. Boathouse with Fordland boats and tackle. Belief and superstition. The homes of the fisherman’s family and the squire. The "rorbu" cabin with storytime during the summer. The bakery (1844) is also in daily operation then, baking and selling its produce. Blacksmith’s, sale of cod-liver oil lamps. Historical gardens. Family activities connected with coastal culture. Two shops selling local home crafts, souvenirs, books, maps, etc. Toilet for the disabled at the car park.

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8392 Sørvågen.
Tel. (+47) 76 09 14 88
Fax: (+47) 76 09 15 66

Main Theme: "Cod and Communications".
An unusual museum where exhibitions of telegraphs, wireless telegraphy and wireless telephony provide you with the answer to why Lofoten was to become such an important part of Norwegian and European telecommunications history. Guided tours.

Open: 20/6-15/8: 11am-5 pm. Guided tours. All year round on request. Admission: Adult NOK 40/20

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  • Sund Fisheries Museum (Ltd.), Sund

Tlf. (+47) 76 09 36 29 / 976 68 129
Fax (+47) 76 09 37 71
Main Theme:
The motorisation of the fishing fleet over the past 100 years.
A small pleasant museum environment. Guided tours available. Exhibition of boat engines and other technical equipment used by the fishing fleet. Several of the engines can be started up. Boathouse with old Nordland-type boats, etc. "Curiosity Cabinet" collection of old artefacts exhibited in an old "rorbu" cabin. Blacksmith's handicrafts workshop where the smith works in the old-fashioned way.
Sale of the popular wrought iron cormorants. The old blacksmith Hans Gjertsen's "Galleri Ambolten" ("Anvil Gallery"). Nearby slipway.

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Lofoten Torvmuseum, Fredvang
8387 Fredvang.
Tel.: (+47) 900 18 117



Main Theme: Peat production, and the life and conditions of those involved

The idea of starting a peat museum demonstrating peat production, its history and life along the coast in bygone times, turned up for the first time in 1997.

In 1999-2000, an aerial cable was set up from the mountains down to what was to be the museum area. In 2003, the museum building was completed. Equipment, photographs and other materials have been collected or borrowed from the local area.

The basic idea behind the museum is to create a farmyard whose main focus is on peat production, and the life and conditions of those involved. Peat production is an important part of Lofoten’s cultural heritage, and we believe it is very important to pass on knowledge about this particular aspect, too.

In addition to the museum building itself, we have relocated and re-erected an old smallholder’s cottage known as “Albertstua.” We have also obtained a smaller house, a shed and another time-honoured residence which is intended for use as overnight accommodation.

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