Vesterålen Sjøhus
I nærkontakt med naturen, lyset, kystkulturen, samisk kultur og reindrift.


1. Welcome to Vesterålen Sjøhus, the sea house hotel in Sortland. We are located approx. 2 km from  Sortland city centre.

欢迎来到粟特兰的海边小屋宾馆Vesterålen Sjøhus我们距离粟特兰市中心约两公里。

2. In our nice and cosy sea houses, you can fall asleep listening to the waves. All our sea houses are built in accordance with old north Norwegian, home-building traditions. They have a marvellous view of the stormy weather and the calm sea. All sea houses have a private living room, kitchenette with dining space, shower bath/WC and a small hall on the ground floor, and two bedrooms on the  first floor, altogether 5 beds.



3. Restaurant Sjøstua is an a la carte restaurant serving local food. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. In summertime we invite guests to an evening beneath the midnight-sun, when the sun is shining all through the night. In wintertime we sometimes invite guest to a three courses dinner served outdoors, where all the food is cooked over an open fire.

Sjøstua 餐馆是一个提供本地美食的餐馆。我们提供早中晚餐。在夏季,我们邀请您在午夜阳光下享受一个难忘的夜晚,整个晚上都有阳光陪伴您。在冬季,我们有时在户外提供三道菜的晚餐,所有的食物都在篝火上烹制。



4. In our area we have a fishing quay and a marina with 40 berths and a lot of local boats.




5. From August to April we can see the Northern Lights when the sky is clear. We call then the Lady Aurora, and she dances across the sky. Then we make an open fire outside and enjoy the view while we drink hot, Norwegian gløgg.




6. We also have a wooden hot-tub heated by wood outside by the sea, - and a sauna-barrel heated by wood and with a marvellous view of the sea, mountains and the passing boats.




7. If you would like to know more about the way of life up north over 100 years ago, you can visit the small coastal culture cabin in our marina. Or just go for a walk and look out across the sea from our promenade.



8. We have a private bus with 16 seats for expeditions in the Vesterålen islands: Whalewatching, the beach in Bleik, a visit to the spaceship Aurora, a visit with a Sami-family, or a visit to a local farm and cheese factory. We can also invite you to “The biggest Love story in the world” - when millions and millions of skrei (the North Atlantic cod) swim from the Barents Sea to our coastline to make babies.

我们有16座的巴士可以为您提供服务,看看Vesterålen维斯特洛恩岛。看鲸鱼,Bleik布雷克的海滩,拜访航天飞机奥罗拉,或者拜访一个萨米家庭,又或者拜访一个有奶酪加工厂的本地农场。我们还可以邀请您见证世界上最大的爱情故事”— 数以百万计的东北鳕鱼从巴伦支海游到我们的海岸产卵繁殖


9. We are located approx. 2 km from Sortland cente city, 2 km from the Hurtigruten docks, 26 km from Skagen Airport in Stokmarknes and 120 km from Harstad/Narvik Airport in Evenes.

我们离粟特兰市中心约两公里,离Hurtigruten(挪威著名的海岸线游船)港口两公里,离Stokmarknes(沙特马克思)的Skagen(斯盖根)机场26公里,离Harstad/Narvik (哈斯大德/纳威客$Evenes (爱维纳斯)机场120公里。




10. We look forward to welcoming you to our eco-tourism hotel and will do our very best to make your stay pleasant and memorable.




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