The Blacksmith of Sund

N-8384 Sund i Lofoten
Tel. +47 91371718


The Sund Fisheries Museum was originally established in 1964 by Petra and Hans Gjertsen as their own private collection. Since 1999 it has been owned and run by blacksmith Tor-Vegard Mørkved.

The Smithy constitutes an integral part of the museum, and the blacksmith, Tor Vegard Mørkved, still works in the old, traditional manner. The decorative wrought iron cormorants made in Sund are famous
all over the world, and can be found in the

Pentagon, the Kremlin and in the King of Norway's palace. The same cormorants are also very popular as souvenirs of the Lofoten Islands.

A very special attraction at the Sund Fisheries Museum is the collection of boat engines, many of which can still be operated ... and indeed, the characteristic sound of the old engines is quite typical of the museum in Sund.

In the boathouse, you will find about 10 old-fashioned boats, most of them originally used in fishing operations during the former years of the great Lofoten Fishery, before the motorisation of the fleet.

The fisherman's cabin, or "rorbua", is the oldest building in Sund and now contains a wide range of old domestic utensils, tools and other objects used in the fisherman's homes of old.

A slipway and engineering workshop are situated close by the museum.

The sum of all this has made the Sund Fisheries Museum a lively and interesting experience for thousands of visitors.

The "Gallery Ambolten" also on the museum's premises, is a collection of artifacts made by the old smith, Hans Gjertsen, over a period of 60 years.


Welcome to
Sund Fisheries Museum
and the Blacksmith of Sund
N-8384 Sund, Lofoten Islands

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