Sjømat - Seafood

Sakrisøy, N-8390 Reine i Lofoten
Tel. +47
900 61 566
Fax +47
76 09 23 91 
"Where can I buy fresh fish?"

.. this is the standard question asked during the summer by any travellers who either can't be bothered, or don't have the time, to fish themselves.

Delicacies from the Seas of Lofoten

Anita's abundant fish stall has most of the delicacies that the Lofotens have to offer ... fresh cod, saithe, redfish and wolf fish, stockfish, fresh salmon, klipfish, char, shellfish, fresh prawns, smoked salmon, whale steaks, smoked whale meat, fish burgers (the kids love them!) all of them delicately prepared. The fish shop is open during the summer and is situated at the fish docks in Sakrisøy, right on the E10 road.

"Sjømat" -  An attraction in its own right!

"Sjømat" Seafood - Anita Gylseth
Telephone: +47 900 61 566
Fax: +47 76 09 23 91
Sakrisøy, 8390 Reine i Lofoten

Everybody just loves our fish burgers!!

Click here for a closer look around our abundant fish shop!

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