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The Nordland-type boat - a sailing sculpture

by Gro Røde

Hardly any other type of Norwegian boat has been described in more detail and more often than the Nordland-type boats. Today, they have become more or less accepted as the very symbol of this part of the country. Many an artist has been inspired by their picturesque appearance, and their contours that bring the Viking ships to mind. Geographically, no other type of boat has been so widespread as these, from the River Namsen in northern Trøndelag, to the Kola peninsula in Russia. These boats more or less monopolised the Lofoten fishery, from the smallest "færing" to the largest "åttring" and "fembøring".

Nordland-type boats are renowned for being good rowing and sailing boats. While they were still being used for fishing, they were mythicised by the fishermen themselves. They had an eye for these boats and could quickly assess their quality. It is said that they took great delight in telling stories about boats and the weather, about sailing, and about great feats at sea in competition with each other. Boat owners had status, the bigger the boat, the better. Grandest was the status of the captain, or høvedsmann, on board the larger Nordland-type boats.

From left to right:

Færing: 2 compartments, 16' - Hundromsfæring: 2 1/2 compartments, 18'
Sekrsring: 3 compartments, 20'

Halvfjerderømming: 3 1/2 compartments, 22' - Firroing: 4 compartments, 24'
Halvfemterømming: 4 1/2 compartments, 27-28'

Åttring: 5 compartments, 30-34' - Fembøring: 6 compartments, 32-40'


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