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The company has now closed down after 18 years in the service of tourism in Lofoten. Business has now been taken over by a new, younger company. Click here for further details.

www.lofoten-info.no - E-mail: lte@lofoten-info.no

(Established 1987)



What Now?

LTE’s efforts over the past 17 years have contributed towards turning the “Fishing Village Realm” of Moskenes and Flakstad into one of the country’s most exciting and attractive tourist destinations. The area has to a large extent acted as an object of study and a reference guide to other areas and educational institutions within the field of culturally correct and sustainable tourism development. The number of visitors has been steadily increasing.

It is by no means certain that these developments will continue. Only conscious and purposeful local commitment, together with positive contributions from external institutions and authorities, will enable us to preserve the area’s position and national significance in the future.

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