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The company has now closed down after 18 years in the service of tourism in Lofoten. Business has now been taken over by a new, younger company. Click here for further details.

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(Established 1987)

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LTE’s involvement in the development of sustainable tourism
and the local community

Education – Research – Local Community

As early as the 1970’s, many of LTE’s originators and shareholders were deeply involved in national, ground-breaking educational initiatives like the Lofoten Project and the School Data Project, by way of their involvement in the local primary and secondary school and collaboration with educational researchers from the University of Tromsø.

The founding of Lofoten Tourist Enterprises AS

Restrictions within the fisheries, centralization and accelerated depopulation were contributing factors towards the establishment of LTE AS (Ltd.) as a regional instrument for nature and culture based innovation and creativity. The company immediately began the implementation of the following measures, measures that have had considerable influence on the development or tourism and culture in the region. LTE worked, as always, in collaboration with national, regional and local networks.

Cultural Projects

Among other things, the founding and running of the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum in Å, the Norwegian Telecom Museum in Sørvågen and MUSAM-Lofoten, the regional body for collaboration between museums, including such undertakings as:
- specimen collection and research
- the registration, preservation, exhibition, safeguarding and revitalization of cultural monuments
- the administration of natural, cultural and ancient monuments, including building preservation
- documentation, standardization and co-ordination
- consultancy, protection and preservation within the field of local cultural conservation
- the accumulation of knowledge
- inter-cultural communication (the science of adventure)
- initiatives for the general public, tourists, children, schools
- local community and business development

1987 – 2004
Tourism Development

The local tourist and travel information centre was developed (and is still run) by LTE for the boroughs of Flakstad and Moskenes. It is open all year round and acts as host and information centre, and as secretariat to the inter-municipal travel board and steering committee. It is also responsible for collaboration with the regional tourism marketing company, Destination Lofoten AS (Ltd).

The tourist information centre has carried out considerable work on product and regional development, quality assurance and the promotion of our cultural and environmental profile.

Product Development
Environmentally sustainable activities and attractions at sea, in the fishing villages and in the mountains – including continuous quality assurance and updating. (See our web site: http://www.lofoten-info.no)

Information, marketing and sales
Including, amongst other things, the development of:

  • a comprehensive web site (http://www.lofoten-info.no) designed to be a channel for the presentation, marketing and sale of local travel and tourism products, and including the opportunity of direct booking and ordering. (Lofoten’s first professional web based tourist information, 1997)

  • an annual information and activity brochure, the “Flakstad and Moskenes Guide”, with a consistent environmental profile.

  • a conference folder used to raise the local profile and market the area

  • a brochure used for marketing and to raise the local profile

  • a promotional video and CD-ROM about the area

Tour production and Tour Operation
The production and sale of adventure tours in the Lofoten Islands on national and international markets through LTE subsidiary “Lofoten Incentive.”

1987 – 2003
Education and training within the fields of environmentally sustainable tourism and local community development, and IT – from secondary school, through adult training, to university level. See www.lofoten-info.no/education (includes a downloadable PDF brochure).

Consultancy, talks and lectures
The dissemination of ideas and experience on local, national and international levels.

Local community development – measures to inspire people to move to the area
The Sørvågen project
Practical local community and business development – following up a 30 year process of local community development. See www.sorvagen.no

2005 -
Study and Research Station in the Lofoten Islands
Work is being done on the planning of a study and research station in collaboration with a higher education authority.

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