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LOFOTODDEN NATIONAL PARK: Information about the process of establishing a national park on the island of  Moskenes°ya is available in Norwegina here..

MOSKENES GUIDE 2011: ThIs year's guide is now available. Click the link in the menu on the left.

New Attraction: The Norwegian Whalers' Museum opened its doors in Reine in June 2010. Read more here.

: This web site has now been updated with events etc for April-December 2010.

New Book: A new book about bird life in the Lofoten Islands is now available for purchasde. Read more here (20.10.08)

Moskenes Ragno Festival: 11-14 June 2009. Festival with lots of activities, music, art, and lots more (11.6.08)

Update: This web site has now been updated with events etc for 2008 (10.4.08)

Please Note: From January 1, 2008 the authorities have imposed 8% VAT on services such as overnight accommodation.

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Summer 2007: These web pages are updated for the summer of 2007.

 New book about  Lofoten (November 2006):The perfect gift! Text in English, German and Norwegian.  [Read more]

New Photographs have now been added to the site. Check out the map, sights and other pages.
(December 2006)

Reine Port Authority now on the web [Click here ...]

Sakris°y near Reine

Watch this space for points of interest and news from the islands of Moskenes & Flakstad, Lofoten ...