Sustainable Tourism and Local Community Development
1 year Post-graduate Course in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Year of Study

The course of study consists of a total of 6 sessions each of 5 days duration, with four in the autumn and 2 in the winter/spring, involving contributions from high-profile lecturers and professionals. Students will be required to work on assignments between sessions.

The major part of the project work will be done during the spring term.

Lectures, excursions and seminars, etc. will be arranged between sessions for students in Group 1. Students in Group 2 may take part at will.

Subject Periods Credits
Local communities, nature, culture/history 30
Developing local communities and destinations 40
Marketing and e-commerce 30
Method 30
Project Work 30
Altogether 160

Views of the college premises in Sørvågen

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