Adventure Tours by Boat:
A Voyage Through Lofoten's Nature and Culture

Maelstrom - Coastal Caves - Seabird Colonies
Troll-like mountain formations, deep fjords and abandoned settlements

The outermost of the Lofoten islands are characterized by bewitching mountain formations, strong tidal currents, and deep fjords and coastal caves. Since time immemorial, Man has utilized the abundant natural resources on land and in the sea. For a thousand years, the natural environment and settlement here formed the basis of Norwegian prosperity and exports. On the boat trips mentioned below, we study this fascinating natural environment and culture, both past and present.

NB: Don´t forget to bring good, waterproof footwear, warm rain and windproof clothing, a scarf and hat, and a packed lunch.

To make reservations, please contact the respective boats/companies directly or the tourist office.

Daily roundtrips on the scheduled fjord ferry "Fjordskyss" in Reinefjord
All year round
Tel. (+47) 99 49 18 05
Scheduled roundtrip (no guide) in one of the Norway’s most beautiful fjords. Sheer mountains, waterfalls and tiny farming hamlets. Among distinctive mountains you will see Hermanndalstinden - the second highest mountain in Lofoten (1029 m), Helvetestinden, Spisstinden, Bispelua, Seiltinden and Olstinden. You can also go ashore and spend some time exploring one of the tiny hamlets of Rostad, Kjerkefjorden or Vinstad. Several of these places are good starting points for country hikes, like Vinstad to Bunes, Kjerkefjorden to Horseid or Selfjord, and Forsfjord to Munkebu Cabin or Sørvågen (see also Mountain Rambling).
Booking: Tel. (+47) 99 49 18 05

Midnight Sun Tour by boat - Reinefjord
May 27 – July 15 (on request, min. 5 full fares)
Leaving from Reine we sail into the Reinefjord where you can go ashore at Vinstad and proceed on foot to Bunes with its fabulous white, sandy beach overlooking the Norwegian Sea and the Midnight Sun to the north.
Duration: 4-5 hours
Price: NOK 400 (no guide)/ NOK 500 with a guide); children under 14: 50% discount
Booking: M/K ”Carina”, tel. (+47) 91 34 55 99

Refsvikhula cave and 3000 year old cave paintings
We leave from Reine calling also at Moskenes, Sørvågen and Å. We sail along the coast to the abandoned hamlet of Ånstad and Tuv through the Maelstrom to the Lofotodden headland and Reivika. We pass through the Reisundet strait and on to the far side of the island and the abandoned fishing village of Hell. After a trip out to the seal colony, we go ashore near the abandoned settlement of Refsvika, from where we walk to the Refsvikhula cave (Kollhellaren), a gigantic “natural cathedral” 115m deep and with over 50 metres of headroom. Inside the cave, mystical human figures have been found painted on the walls of the cave by Stone Age people over 3000 years ago. In the summer, the Midnight Sun shines directly into the cave creating a magical atmosphere. A guide will accompany you all the way and there will be a break for a bite to eat on the way. Participants should be capable of hiking a fair distance. The cave is a listed area and visits without authorized personnel are prohibited.Enquire at the tourist information centre.

Sea safari on a RIB boat – the Maelstrom
We leave from Reine calling also at Moskenes, Sørvågen and Å. Travelling west we encounter the infamous “Maelstrom,” one of the world’s strongest tidal currents. The Maelstrom was first described by Pytheas the Greek over 2000 years ago and has since been described and marked on innumerable sea charts together with terrifying illustrations and warnings. The Maelstrom is abundant in fish and has as such formed the basis of settlement for thousands of years. We test the forces of Nature and if we are lucky we may see eagles, cormorants, seals and perhaps even whales.
Don’t forget: Warm clothing. Enquire at the tourist information centre.

Join us on a trip to Lofoten’s fantastic underwater world. The sunshine brings out the amazing colours that the underwater landscape has to offer. Calm and peaceful movement through the kelp will make you feel at one with nature. Crabs, hermit crabs, starfish and snails live their busy lives down there as the fish lie there like a blanket above the kelp. Enquire at the tourist information centre.

Fantastic natural surroundings, striking mountain ridges, wrecks and tunnels are just some of the things you can experience under water in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Floating weightlessly like an eagle above the coral seabed adds the finishing touch to the adventures that will make your stay in Lofoten a perfect one. Diving and snorkelling can be combined. Enquire at the tourist information centre

Lofoten is a fantastic destination for cyclists. Cycling offers the freedom and time to take a closer look at life in a vibrant fishing village, and to enjoy wild and wonderful countryside. Breathe in the smell of the sea and hear the seagulls cry as you roll slowly by. If you decide to go on a midnight sun ride, you will be cycling almost all alone, in complete peace and quiet. Guided cycling tours are also possible. History and a little exercise have never hurt anyone. Have a great ride!
Booking / Rental: Enquire at the tourist information centre.

If you are wondering what it is like to paddle in heaven, you should try kayaking here. We have fjords and beaches that can take the breath away from any of us, whether you want 3 hours on the fjord or a 4 day trip round the island of Moskenesøya. You can experience nature at close quarters here, and an abundance of animal life as you glide through the water. With a kayak you can access tiny coves and fjords, and paddle between old wharves and boats without any trouble. It is not without reason that Lofoten has been voted one of the world’s best kayak destinations.
NB: You should never paddle alone in these surroundings, Make sure that you have the necessary safety equipment with you at all times. Check the weather forecasts and talk to any locals who paddle in the area. Remember, there are strong currents and a considerable difference between high and low tide. If you are a little in doubt, it is also possible to hire a guide or have your whole trip organised. No previous experience is necessary. To paddle on your own, you will need to have a "wet card" certificate.

Booking / Rental: Enquire at the tourist information centre

Mountain Rambling
Moskenes offers scenic nature experiences in both easy and more demanding terrain in the surrounding mountains. Join a local guide on the best mountain walks: amazing panoramic views from Mount Reinebringen, midnight sun trips to Bunes, or a climb to Lofoten’s second highest peak, Hermannsdalstinden (1029 m asl). Let our guides lead you to our culture, nature and geology.
Duration: 4 – 6 hours
Price: from NOK 250 (min 5 pers) children under 15: 50% discount
Booking: Audun Rasmussen, tel. (+47) 93 49 26 20.

On Board the Vessels:

You should dress sensibly when going on a boat trip. Even if it is warm on land, it may be cold and windy at sea. It's a good idea to wear woollen clothing and to bring along wind and rainproof clothing. Warm footwear is also recommended. Bring food and drink with you, if you catch anything, you may be able to taste fresh fish on board. Those taking part do so at their own risk, but all vessels are covered by passenger insurance and are equipped with the mandatory safety gear. You will find the program on this website. Reservations must be made by calling tel. 76 09 15 99. Payment for Trip 1 must be made at the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, Å, payment for Trip 2 is to be made on board the vessel.


Seasickness can be both avoided and cured, but passengers on rafting vessels are seldom sick. If you think you might be seasick, or are uncertain about it, you should buy seasickness tablets or a seasickness plaster from the chemist's.

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