In Flakstad & Moskenes, Lofoten Islands

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Polar night, stormy weather, clear days and the burgeoning light of spring with its fantastic refractions. Flakstad & Moskenes Tourist Office wish you welcome to the lofoten Islands also in the autumn, winter and spring. Feel the thrill of the Lofoten Fishery, the greatest cod fishery in the world, see the production of stockfish - one of Norway’s most important export articles for a thousand years.

Treat yourself to North Norwegian winter landscapes with the majestic, white-clad mountains of Lofoten and the antics of the Northern Lights above jagged mountain peaks. Stay in warm, cosy rorbu cabins, enjoy tasty fish meals such as skreimølje - steaming hot cod with liver and roes; or cod tongues. And should you tire of the sea, Lofoten can also offer magnificent and varied skiing terrain and accommodation in mountain cabins.




Winter on the island of Sakrisøy near Reine.


The autumn, too can be quite an experience. Here we see Moskenesvågen bay during a storm, the waves breaking over the roof of a building.

(Photos: Robert Walker)

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