In Flakstad & Moskenes, Lofoten Islands

1. Mountain Cabins

Cabins are not available to commercial groups.

MUNKEBU,Djupfjordheia moor. Wood stove and gas stove

SELFJORDHYTTA,Selfjorden. Cooker, electricity and running water.
Both cabins have kitchen utensils, 2 bedrooms, 15 beds, outhouse and outside toilet. No food supplies. Sleeping bag or sheets required. (see

NB Cabins are owned by Lofoten Turlag (LT) and are locked with Den Norske Turistforenings (DNTs) standard cabin key, which can be borrowed by LT and DNT members. Depositpayable. Non-members have access when accompanied by members. Join us!

Owned by Fredvang Resident’s Assoc.. Same standard as Munkebu.

By Solbjørnvatnet lake. Boats for hire, fishing/hunting licences for sale. Keys for hire at Berre's Bil & Båt.
Tel. 76 09 32 40

Boat rental.


General information:

For guided tours, please contact the Tourist Information Centre, tel. 76 09 15 99.

We strongly recommend the purchase of a proper hiker's map before setting off on mountain hikes. These are widely available throughout the islands.

Click here for a map of the islands with hiking routes. NB: This map is not suitable for use in the mountains and is only intended to show where each route can be found. Please allow sufficient time for the file to download, it is 250 kb.

  • Route 01) Å - Stokkvika
    Partly cairned, rather demanding walk. Start at Å, proceed along the southern bank of Lake Ågvatnet. Cross the Stokkvikskaret Pass and continue down to Stokkvika on the south side of Lake Stokkvikvannet. The pass is about 400 metres high and rather steep.
    Duration: there and back, about 7 hours.

  • Route 02) Sørvågen - Munkebu Cabin
    Cairned, moderate walk. Start from Sørvågen on the main road, near the ?Krysset? art gallery. Go up to Lake Studalsvannet, and continue up to Lake Tridalsvann and Lake Fjerddalsvann. From here proceed to the Djupfjordheia Moor and on to Munkebu Cabin.
    Duration: Munkebu and back: approx. 4 hours.

Sørvågen as seen from Vestertinden, Støvla. (Photo: Robert Walker)

  • Route 02a) Around Sørvågvannet Lake
    Easy walk. Start at the old hotel or the sports club (S.O.I.L). Illuminated gravel track. Suitable for families and the elderly, great view of the fishing village.
    Approx. 1 hour

  • Route 03) Mount Reinebringen
    Ramsvika bay to viewpoint on Mount Reinebringen. Unmarked path in very steep terrain, can be slippery with loose stones. Be careful!
    Duration: Approx. 2 hours there and back

  • Route 04) Forsfjord - Munkebu - Sørvågen
    Partly cairned, demanding walk. Fjord boat from Reine to Forsfjord - not the other way round!(tell the conductor where you're going). Walk about 200 metres towards Tennes (north-east, towards the abandoned settlement), then turn right and climb up towards Lake Tennesvann and the ridge on the right, 448 metres above sea level. Clearly visible path near Lake Krokvann, descending to Lamheia Moor between Lake Tennesvann and Lake Fjerdalsvann. From here, continue up to Munkebu Cabin. From Munkebu Cabin to Sørvågen, see Route 02.
    Do NOT do this walk in the opposite direction, from Sørvågen to Forsfjord as it is very difficult to find the way down, and contact the ferry to get them to call at Forsfjord.
    Duration: Forsfjord - Munkebu, approx. 4 hours.

    Munkan (the Monks) as seen from Kjølen (the Keel). (Photo: Robert Walker)

  • Route 05) Vindstad - Bunes
    Easy walk partly along village dirt track. Day trip from Reine. Take the fjord ferry to Vindstad (see timetable). From Vindstad, follow the track along the fjord, climb the ridge and cross the neck of land continuing down to the beach on the far side of the island.
    Duration: Approx. 5 hours round trip with the fjord boat.

  • Route 06) Kjerkfjorden- Horseid
    Not marked or cairned, easy walk. Day trip from Reine. Take the fjord boat to Kjerkfjorden (see timetable.) Turn right from the quay and follow the path over the ridge and down to the beach.
    Duration. Approx. 6 hours Kjerkfjorden - Horseid and back.

  • Route 07) Selfjorden - Kjerkfjorden
    Partly cairned trail, moderate walk. Starting at the end of the road in Selfjorden, proceed along the shore and go up towards Lake Fageråvannet and the pass beyond. Continue down to Lake Solbjørnvannet, up to the pass at Austerdalen Valley and on to Kjerkfjorden. From there, take the "M/V Fjordskyss" to Reine (see timetable).
    Duration: Approx. 5 hours to Kjerkfjorden.

  • Route 08)Torsfjorden - Kvalvika – Markvatnet – Selfjord:
    Moderate walk along a good path in accessible terrain.
    From Torsfjord to Kvalvika over the pass. Proceed along the cove to Ågotvannet and Markvatnet lakes and the shelter, built on the foiundations of an old house. The trail ends by the Selfjord (Marka)
    Duration: 5-6 hours.

  • Route 09)Fredvang (Ytresand) - Stokkvika
    Moderate walk. Start approx. 500 m (signpost) before the road ends at Yttersand. Go up to the tiny lake and continue over Yttersandheia Moor and down to Stokkvika. Abandoned settlement. Small cabin built on remains of old building.
    Duration: there and back, approx. 4 hours.

  • Route 10)Fredvang (Ytresand) - Mulstøa
    Easy walk. Start at the end of the road in Yttersand. Shoreline path and old road. Restored eagle catcher's hide near Lundehalsen. Mulstøa is an old, derelict settlement.
    Duration: there and back, aprox. 3 hours.

  • Route 11) Nusfjord - Nesland
    Cairned trail, moderate walk. Start about 300 metres south of the old school. About 200 m before Nesland - several large potholes near the shore. The only water mill in Lofoten can be found in Nesland.
    Duration: there and back, approx 3 hours.

  • Route 12) Napp - Kilan
    Cairned trail, rather demanding walk. Begin at the breakwater road in Napp, go past the old settlements. Cross Lake Sørdalsvannet (bridge) and go up to and over Ørnheia Moor and down again. Detour to Storbåthallaren Cave, go back a bit in the direction of Kilan (signpost). Rugged terrain until Lake Vassvikvannet. From here, detour to Nordsundet, above Strømøya. Back again over the mountain to Kilan. Old church path to Nusfjord from same place.
    Duration: Approx. 7 hours.

  • Route 13) Ramberg – Nubben
    at UL Lysbøen village hall. Unmarked path. Steep with some loose rock. Great view of mountains and sea.
    45 min to top

  • Rute 14) The Moraine Path / Tangrand Path
    The Moraine Path starts and ends at the Glassblower's Cabin in Vikten. 1 hour walk on old cart road. Path through cultural landscape across c. 30,000 year old end moraine above the hamlet of Vikten. The path meets another c. 10,000 year old moraine and continues down to the beach. It passes an old eagle-catcher's hide that was last used as a look out post for the Home Guard. It then passes a seaweed kiln before returning to the Glassblower's. A pamphlet on sale here describes the path and the local geology.
    Duration: Approx. 1 hour



Fantastic panoramic views. Midnight Sun.
Information on culture, nature and geology.
Participants must be in good physical shape. Sturdy footwear, warm, wind and rainproof clothing and food are essential.
Rendezvous: Moskenes Tourist Office
4-6 hours
NOK 250 per pers. (child 50%). Mx. NOK 4000 for parties of up to 40 people
number of
participants: 5
Audun Rasmussen, tel.
934 92 620

See also for more guided mountain walks.


We ask visitors to help us protect Lofoten's attractive but vulnerable natural surroundings (incl. birdlife, flora etc.). Thank you!

Please keep your dog on a leash at all times.


Dear Hiker,

We are trying to take care of our mountains, and therefore we mark only a few of the paths in order to reduce wear and tear in our vulnerable countryside. We would be very grateful for your assistance here in repairing cairns and laying stones in the marshy or wet parts of the trails.

Please be careful when in the mountains. There will always be steep areas in the near vicinity. Remember to take a proper hiker's map with you, together with good clothing and footwear, and sufficient food.

Some routes are cairned. Make sure someone knows where you are going! Rambling trails starting from Sørvågen begin on the main road, approx. 300 metres south of the hotel, driveway.

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