Travel : Sunday, April 02, 2000

Europe Q&A: From flights to summer skiing

by Seattle Times news service

Q: Can you give me information about tours that include a stay on the Lofoten Islands off the west coast of Norway? The islands seemed so beautiful when I cruised past them.

A: Norway's Lofoten Islands, which legend says were fashioned by the Viking god Thor's magical hammer, sit above the Arctic Circle and are a haven for fishermen and artists. Historically, the 24,500 residents of this archipelago have made their living from the sea, but in recent years tourism has been heavily promoted as an ecologically friendly alternative.

The Lofoten Tourist Information Centre (http://www.lofoten-info.no) is a very good source, especially for information about the boroughs of Flakstad and Moskenes. Itprovides general information about visiting Lofoten and can also book you into fishing cabins, or rorbu, that dot the islands' shoreline. Many of these cabins, some of are more than 100 yearsold, have been refurbished for tourists, and include full kitchens and great views. Prices vary, but you can get a nice cabin for about $50 a night.

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LTE - Reiselivsskolen i Lofoten, N-8392 Sørvågen. Tel. 76 09 15 55 E-mail: lte@lofoten-info.no